About Us

For a very long while now we can not get over the idea that this place is one of the most beautiful and historic that exist and remain unspoilt, and should be shown all around the world. Through a friendship which is so strong, has endured the passing of the time and eventually resulted in a partnership, we established "Sparta Weddings", a boutique event planning company based in our magnificent historic Laconia.

We realized that together, we have the ability, the knowledge, the taste and the expertise to organize truly unique magical weddings set in the gorgeous and historically surrounded location and offer a unique experience to our couples.

Our love for travel has made us familiar with different cultures throughout the world and has resulted in it being easy for us to communicate very efficiently with people of different nationalities and mentalities.

We speak English, French, Spanish, Russian and Greek fluently and our success is mainly due to our client-centered communication approach and the relationship of trust that we built, because we care.

We have a wide range of packages to suit every preference and budget. No two events are alike. Each event is absolutely unique!!! However, they have one thing in common, they are stylish, elegant and inspired, a truly one in a life time experience...

Just say I do and you dreams will come true....

We do not sell "package weddings". We design dream weddings from our hearts using our passion, knowledge, ideas and trusted partner selections. We are ready to help you in all the steps of the organization of your wedding in Greece.

08 February 2016